'Deep Seeing': The Power  of Visual Communication
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‘Deep Seeing’: The Power of Visual Communication   Online Course  Forthcoming !
        (Class limit: 16-people)
with Domenic Screnci, EdD.

Course Dates:  Forthcoming  - Times and Enrollment Forthcoming EST (GMT/UTC-4)  

Brief summary: This interactive, online professional development course will prepare participants to take photographs that communicate meaningful messages with power. By the end of the course, participants will be prepared to share their visual communication knowledge and skills with their Photovoice participants, patients, co-workers and organizations.

Description: 'Deep Seeing’ means the ability to ‘read’, decode, interpret, create, question, challenge and evaluate visual information, as we do text. ‘Deep seeing’ – or being visually literate -- means recognizing intentional and hidden meanings in photographs of our lives, work, and environment. It means supporting Photovoice participants in creating powerful photographs and interpreting them for others. It means better outreach and advocacy with peers, clinicians, community members, and policymakers.

In this 5-session online professional development course (10 hours total), newly retired Boston University faculty Domenic will share learning from 30-years of experience as a medical photographer, professor, and communications director. Through lecture, small group work, and photo assignments, course participants will gain knowledge and skills needed to create and select photographs that communicate thoughtfully and with power. By the end of this course, participants will have new or strengthened skills in interpreting photos for research, advocacy, and clinical care.

Upon course completion, participants will receive a Training Certificate. They will be prepared to take better photographs for personal and professional use. They will be prepared to share their ‘deep seeing’ knowledge and skills with Photovoice participants, patients, co-workers, and organizations.



Hands-on Experience with Processing Visual Information
Creating Images that Communicate with Power
Understanding Composition in Photography
Color and Cultural Awareness
Channeling the Photojournalist Within


Photovoice facilitators, researchers, evaluators,  clinician, and non-profit organizations.

Educators, activists, artists, and community organizations.
  (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels)


Articulate the concept of visual literacy and discuss its relevance to Photovoice work

Analyze the visual world – content, form, message, and meaning -- using the language of visual communication

Explain the role of perception on processing the visual world and creating visually pleasing and effective photographs

Use principles of composition to create and identify photographs that are effective at communicating an intended message

Understand how color influences our physical world, its relationship to place and culture, and its impact on the power of images to communicate

Incorporate course learning into Photovoice facilitation, clinical care, advocacy, organizational, and community work


A cell phone with a camera (or a digital camera).

Computer for downloading course photos and using presentation software..


Zoom to participate in the online sessions in real time. (See below for details).

Dropbox to access course materials online. (See below for details).

Presentation software, (e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint or LibreOffice Impress) to complete course assignments and share work with others.

Optional:  Photo editing software, e.g., IRFANView with Plugins or Google SNAPSEED to edit photos if you wish (use of photo editing software is not essential or required, but may be of interest. These two photo editing programs are free).

Instructor:  Domenic Screnci,  EdD, has 30+ years of experience in the field of educational technology and biocommunications. Before recently retiring, Domenic was Senior Advisor for Digital Learning and Innovation and Executive Director for Educational Technology, Training and Outreach in Information Services and Technology at Boston University.  He served the university as an educational technologist, instructional systems designer and integrator, instructional designer and a producer of curriculum materials for traditional and new media based educational projects. Domenic has a master's degree in educational media and technology and a doctorate in Curriculum and Teaching from Boston University. Domenic He is adjunct faculty at Boston University’s College of Communication teaching a Professional Presentation course, as well as at the University of Massachusetts/Boston master’s level Instructional Design Program, where he offers a Visual Literacy and Information Design Course.

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