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Free Webinar by PhotovoiceWorldwide

Free! Webinar Facilitating Photovoice remotely: Experience and strategies.


Join us on Monday, April 27th from 2:00-3:00 PM ET for a free Webinar “Facilitating Photovoice Remotely: Experience and Strategies” led by Maria Paiewonsky, EdD, Program Director of the Transition Leadership program at the School for Global Inclusion and Social Development (SGISD) at the Institute for Community Inclusion, University of Massachusetts Boston. In this Webinar, Maria will review strategies to facilitate Photovoice from a distance through every stage, from introducing Photovoice to producing visuals, discussing and interpreting them, and educating audiences. Examples and resources will be shared. Learn more and register for free at: here.

Free Online Event by PhotovoiceWorldwide

Free! Photo Conversations.


Interact with others, practice your creativity, and alleviate stress! Join us on Thursday, April 30th, at 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM ET, join a free online Photo Conversation on the topic of peace. These conversations are intended to exercise creativity, alleviate stress, and learn as a group. Please plan to share 2 photos and how they represent peace for you. Photo subjects can include: objects, people, places, animals, landscapes, feelings or anything else that conveys peace from your perspective. Learn more and register for free at: here.

Future Training Course

Photovoice for Evaluation

New course coming!  In September 2020, PhotovoiceWorldwide will offer a new online course on Photovoice for Evaluation, facilitated by Stephanie Lloyd, Evaluator and Educator at PhotovoiceWorldwide LLC. Check back for course dates!

- Stay Tuned -

Upcoming Training Courses

'Talking with Pictures': Photovoice

*  New course dates available for this popular course May, June, and July, 2020. This online professional development course provides hands-on experience with adapting Photovoice to clinical care, programming, evaluation, and research. Upon completion, participants will have the knowledge, skills and tools to implement their Photovoice Plan. Contact hours (CEs) available for four clinical disciplines.

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Enrollment (Open)



* Social Media Internship!  PhotovoiceWorldwide seeks an intern to implement our marketing and communications plan and keep it running smoothly. S/he will manage the social media accounts, email marketing and newsletters for PhotovoiceWorldwide, write and edit blogs, and craft posts. Successful candidates must be able to work remotely, write copy under deadline, and be familiar with social media communications and marketing. Requirements: a bachelor’s degree, experience in marketing communications or public relations, proficiency with Microsoft Office, and enthusiasm for our social justice mission. Time commitment: 5-10 hours per week. Learn more about this internship here!

PhotovoiceWorldwide Blog -  Article

Can I Do a Photovoice Project Remotely? Yes, You Can!

By Stephanie Lloyd and Laura Lorenz
  Are you planning a Photovoice project in this midst of these uncertain and stressful times? Were you ready to do a Photovoice project and now are re-considering – because your participants can’t go outside, get their project cameras, or meet with you face-to-face? No need to put your project on hold! Photovoice is a highly dynamic and adaptable method...

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Paper (Peer-review)


Open-access paper: Photovoice and patient-centered outcomes research

Laura Lorenz is a co-author of “Use of Photovoice to engage stakeholders in planning for patient-centered outcomes research,” published in Research Involvement and Engagement. Photovoice achieved its intended effects of increasing awareness of all stakeholders about the burden of anxiety in patients’ lives and the imperative of improving emergency department care for anxiety. Read this paper: 




Indiana University: CTSI Trailblazer Award

Laura is providing training and guidance on Photovoice ethics, planning, facilitation, and dissemination for an Indiana  Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Trailblazer Award. The Indiana CTSI is a partnership of Indiana University, Purdue University, and the University of Notre Dame. The project (Building Grassroots Advocacy through Photovoice) is investigating factors affecting health and access to social services among people with mental illness and their caregivers who are members of support groups sponsored by the Indianapolis affiliate of the National Association for Mental Illness (NAMI). Find out ore about the Indiana CTSI here:



* Scholarship Guidelines Announced!  Inclusion and worldwide information sharing to all who are interested in participatory visual methods is at the heart of PhotovoiceWorldwide. We do not want the cost of the course to impose unnecessary hardship. We do not want interested participants to shy away from signing up for the course due to the cost. We offer assistance on a case by case basis exclusively for those who may need support (e.g. full-time students, early stage nonprofit professionals, individuals residing in developing countries, etc.). In order to be considered for a course scholarship, send us an email explaining the nature of your financial need and how you plan to use the information gained in the course. We will review your email internally and reply promptly. A short follow-up interview may be necessary to determine the level of support granted. Email address to use:

Conference Presentation


A policy analysis of access to post-acute rehabilitation...

Laura Lorenz, PhD, MEd presented a poster “A policy analysis of access to post-acute rehabilitation services for people with acquired brain injury in Massachusetts and beyond” at ABI2020 “Best practices in brain injury medicine and rehabilitation: Improving outcomes through interdisciplinary collaboration” in New Orleans, Louisiana on February 27th. The poster provided an analysis of 8 studies exploring cost-effectiveness of access to rehabilitation services after a serious brain injury. Average savings in 5 countries was $1.67 Million per person. Get a view of the poster here 433-Kilobytes

Conference Presentation


A policy analysis of access to post-acute rehabilitation...

Laura Lorenz, PhD, MEd did an oral presentation “A policy analysis of access to post-acute rehabilitation services for people with acquired brain injury” at the 2020 Global Health & Innovations Conference in New Haven, CT April 3rd, which was changed to a “virtual” conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Presentation content was drawn from the Massachusetts Health Policy Forum, Issue Brief No. 50 – available for download at:

Video Presentation

Participatory Visual Methods in Health: Engage, Empower & Educate

Laura Lorenz, PhD, MEd recorded an Innovations Presentation “Participatory visual methods in health: Engage, Empower & Educate” for the 2020 Global Health & Innovations Conference in New Haven, CT April 3rd. In this presentation Laura describes her path to Photovoice; reviews participatory visual methods (Photovoice and photo interview), their processes and benefits, and the ways they engage, empower and educate; and describes the work of PhotovoiceWorldwide. Access a video of her presentation here

Conference Presentation


Participatory visual methods and empowerment

Laura did an oral presentation on “Participatory visual methods and empowerment” at The Qualitative Report 11th Annual Conference Contemporary Qualitative Research, at Nova Southeastern University (NSU), Davie, Florida, January 15th. This presentation provided a model for interpreting Photovoice participant photos and text generated through processes that (1) engage research participants as partners in the research endeavor and (2) employ a theoretical framework to understand participants’ data (photos) and contextualizing (text) in a broader context of psychological empowerment. Read the abstract here:

Conference Workshop


Approaches to visual data analysis using an empowerment lens

Laura facilitated a workshop “Approaches to visual data analysis using an empowerment lens” at The Qualitative Report 11th Annual Conference Contemporary Qualitative Research, at Nova Southeastern University (NSU), Davie, Florida, January 15th. Participants worked together to identify themes in groups of photos and text provided, and gained practice using arts-based methods to identify salient topics for discussion and thematic analysis, and use theory to frame analysis or translation of findings. Read the abstract here:

Conference Presentation

Using Photovoice in evaluation practice

Stephanie Lloyd recently facilitated a ‘Think Tank’ session “Using Photovoice in Evaluation Practice”, focused on “Paths to the Future of Evaluation: Contribution, Leadership, and Renewal,” and hosted in Minneapolis, Minnesota, November 16th. During the session, Stephanie provided a brief overview of recent experience and projects using Photovoice in evaluation, and participants discussed possibilities for using Photovoice in their evaluation practice. Read the abstract here: Evaluation Conference 2020 Minneapolis MN



          Thank You!    

Thank you to the people who participated in our 2019 online and in-person professional development courses and workshop trainings - 119-clinicians, researchers, non-profit staff, photographers, and students from 14-countries, and 28-US states.

Be informed about upcoming course dates, be added to a waiting list, and receive email updates please contact us here at or visit our Contacts page (here).  -Thank You! 


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