Watch the videos below to learn about how participatory visual methods engage, empower and educate, achieving fair process in clinical care, and participating in a Photovoice project. Visit our PhotovoiceWorldwide Channel here.


Title: Facilitating Photovoice Remotely: Experience and Strategies

Maria Paiewonsky, EdD of the Institute for Community Inclusion and University of Massachusetts Boston reviews strategies to facilitate Photovoice from a distance through every stage, from introducing Photovoice to producing visuals, discussing and interpreting them, and educating audiences. Examples and resources are shared (April 2020).

  Video (1:17 Hour) See more by clicking (here), the title, or on the image above.

 Title: Talking with Pictures


Supportive Living Inc. Lexington, MA - Talking with Pictures. Talking with Pictures was a participatory project that looked with fresh eyes at community integration of older adults with brain injury and other neurological conditions (September 2015).

  Video (9:54 Min).  See more about this amazing project by clicking (here), the title, or on the image above.

Title: Using Visual and Narrative Methods to Achieve Fair Process in Clinical Care


(Journal of Visual Experiments): This video and paper illustrates an innovative visual approach (Photovoice or photo-elicitation) to achieve fair process in clinical care for patients living with chronic health conditions, illuminate gaps in clinical knowledge, forge better therapeutic relationships, and identify patient-centered goals and possibilities for healing. See a revealing open-access, peer-review video (February 2011).

  Video (14:32 Min) See more by clicking (here), the title, or on the images above.

Title: Participatory Visual Methods in Health: Engage, Empower & Educate

This presentation is by Laura Lorenz, PhD, MEd, Co-founder & Educator at PhotovoiceWorldwide LLC, whose mission is to help individuals and organizations around the world to use Photovoice safely, ethically, and successfully. Laura describes her path to Photovoice, provides a review of participatory visual methods (Photovoice and photo interview/photo-elicitation), their processes and benefits, and ways in which they engage, empower and educate. She describes how PhotovoiceWorldwide can support you and your work by facilitating training and professional development, fostering a community of Photovoice peer-support and ongoing learning, providing consulting services, and offering Photovoice products (March 2020).

  Video (19:34 Min) See more by clicking (here), the title, or on the image above.


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