Watch the videos below to learn about how participatory visual methods engage, empower and educate, achieving fair process in clinical care, and participating in a Photovoice project.


Facilitating Photovoice Remotely: Experience and Strategies

Maria Paiewonsky, EdD of the Institute for Community Inclusion and University of Massachusetts Boston reviews strategies to facilitate Photovoice from a distance through every stage, from introducing Photovoice to producing visuals, discussing and interpreting them, and educating audiences. Examples and resources are shared (April 2020).   Video (1:17 Hour) See more by clicking (here), the title, or on the image above.

 Talking with Pictures


Supportive Living Inc. Lexington, MA - Talking with Pictures. Talking with Pictures was a participatory project that looked with fresh eyes at community integration of older adults with brain injury and other neurological conditions (2015).  Video (9:54 Min).  See more about this amazing project by clicking (here), the title, or on the image above.

Using Visual and Narrative Methods to Achieve Fair Process in Clinical Care


(Journal of Visual Experiments): This video and paper illustrates an innovative visual approach (Photovoice or photo-elicitation) to achieve fair process in clinical care for patients living with chronic health conditions, illuminate gaps in clinical knowledge, forge better therapeutic relationships, and identify patient-centered goals and possibilities for healing. See a revealing open-access, peer-review video (2011).
  Video (14:32 Min) by clicking (here), the title, or on the images above.

Participatory Visual Methods in Health: Engage, Empower & Educate

This presentation is by Laura Lorenz, PhD, MEd, Co-founder & Educator at PhotovoiceWorldwide LLC, whose mission is to help individuals and organizations around the world to use Photovoice safely, ethically, and successfully. Laura describes her path to Photovoice, provides a review of participatory visual methods (Photovoice and photo interview/photo-elicitation), their processes and benefits, and ways in which they engage, empower and educate. She describes how PhotovoiceWorldwide can support you and your work by facilitating training and professional development, fostering a community of Photovoice peer-support and ongoing learning, providing consulting services, and offering Photovoice products (March 2020).   Video (19:34 Min) See more by clicking (here), the title, or on the image above.


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