Photovoice creates opportunities for mutual learning among patients, providers, payers, community members, researchers, and peers. Photovoice reaches decision-makers with powerful information (photographs and captions) about real lives. Photovoice builds reflection, research, critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills as participants take photographs, discuss them, write captions, and organize outreach.

Benefits of Photovoice Include:

  • Gives participants a voice in healthcare, community, and research

  • Raises awareness of resources and problems

  • Awakens appreciation for different points of view

  • Supports recovery and healing

  • Supports efforts to find purpose and meaning in life after a major life disruption

  • Empowers people, patients, families, and communities

  • Creates powerful data for clinical care, research, education, and decision-making

  • Fosters patient, family, and community dialog

  • Increases civic engagement

  • Strengthens writing and communication skills

  • Develops teamwork skills

  • Has wide impact for low cost

  • Establishes partnerships for change

  • Plants seeds for future efforts



  See a video sharing participantsí perspectives on the benefits of Photovoice,
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Other Areas of Interest:

Many people are now including Photovoice in a vast number of fields and practices. Find out how Photovoice might benefit you and your organization by contacting Laura, visit our contacts page (here).

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