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Photovoice puts cameras in the hands of people to take photographs of their community in support of both positive and negative aspects of their community.  That combined with narratives to share points of view with people who in most cases make decisions in or about their community.

Participants reach decision makers via community project sessions, in their homes, Web Sites, public exhibits, etc. The decision makers they reach may be themselves, family, friends, neighbors, peers, teachers, community leaders, elected officials, or foundations.



  • Strengthens writing and communications skills

  • Empowers people, families, and communities

  • Awakens appreciation for different points of view

  • Strengthens positive relations between (e.g  young adolescences, parents, community, etc)

  • Increases civic involvement 

  • Fosters family and community dialog

  • Develops teamwork

  • Gives participants a voice in their community

  • Raises awareness of resources and problems

  • Creates powerful visual facts for fundraising and sponsorship 

  • Has wide impact for low cost

  • Establishes partnerships for community change

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Many people are now including Photovoice in a vast number of fields and practices.

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