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As of: 08-08-2019

  Laura S. Lorenz, PhD, MA, MEd - Biography

Dr. Laura Lorenz is an EDUCATOR,  EVALUATOR, AND RESEARCHER - Laura discovered Photovoice while exploring arts-based approaches to youth programming and civic engagement for a Masters in Instructional Design (Adult Education) in 2000. Having worked as a photo-journalist for international agencies in Africa and Asia, she was used to taking the photographs herself. Photovoice flipped that around as Laura designed a Photovoice civic engagement project with girls aged 11 to 16 for Girls Inc. of Greater Lowell – with girls in charge of the cameras! That first small project (2001) won a national award and led to a Photovoice facilitator’s guide (2003), developed with funding from the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Next, Laura collaborated with the Youth Academy, a non-profit group in Mdantsane Township, Eastern Cape, South Africa to document Township resources and problems from a youth perspective. Funded by the Equity Project of the Government of South Africa and the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Youth Academy Photovoice exhibit was posted at the Eastern Cape’s regional capital for two years.

Intrigued about some participants’ transformation from shy and retiring to confident and active, Laura wanted to learn more about the camera as a research and empowerment tool. In 2004 she enrolled in a doctoral program at The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University. For her dissertation study  in health policy and health services research she used Photovoice with brain injury patients and a brain injury support group to understand lived experience with brain injury, and the policy and practice implications of their experience. The study resulted in numerous peer-review papers and posters, and has inspired brain injury Photovoice projects in other states.

Since completing her PhD in 2008, Laura has (1) facilitated Photovoice trainings for medical schools, professional societies, community funding organizations, government agencies, and others; (2) offered Photovoice professional development courses for clinicians, researchers, educators, students, and managers; and (3) served on dissertation committees for students using Photovoice and other arts-based methods. Laura has also served as a consultant on Photovoice projects, for example to (1) understand the experiences of patients with anxiety disorder who seek treatment in the emergency department for cardiac care, (2) create a service learning opportunity for students to improve social integration of elders, and (3) engage African immigrants in Greater Boston to document and reduce HIV-related stigma.

In 2018, Laura inaugurated an online professional development course 'Talking with Pictures: Photovoice' offered through the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Outreach College and Center on Disability Studies. For more information click here to go to our Training and Consulting page.

Laura received her PhD in social policy (health policy/health services research) from Brandeis University (2008) and a Master of Education (Instructional Design/Adult Education) from the University of Massachusetts Boston (2001). She holds a BA in English Literature from Bowdoin College.

The bio above describes Laura’s work with Photovoice. For a complete view of her (e.g. Bio, Works, CV, etc) please visit her personal website here.


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  Stephanie Lloyd, MA - Biography

Stephanie Lloyd brings experience with Qualitative and Quantitative methods to Program Evaluation and Social Science research. She works collaboratively with organizations and groups to address long-standing social and economic inequalities and strengthen communities. Stephanie has led numerous large-scale evaluation, research, and strategic planning projects for social sector clients in the areas of: health, education, economic opportunity, and national service, among others.

She is a member of the AEA (American Evaluation Association) and regularly volunteers with nonprofit organizations through HandsOn Bay Area. Stephanie holds an MA in Applied Sociology from UMASS Boston. She is an AmeriCorps alumna, and provided 2 years of education and community development service in Washington, DC-area schools and neighborhoods through City Year.

Her areas of expertise include: participatory evaluation, survey methodology, Photovoice, data visualization, community and youth development, and volunteering. She has been collaborating with Laura through PhotovoiceWorldwide and teaching Photovoice for evaluation since 2018.

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  Olivia Iovino, MSN, ARNP, FNP-C - Biography

Olivia Iovino, MSN, ARNP, FNP-C is a family nurse practitioner with over ten years of experience working in healthcare. She holds an MSN in Family Nurse Practitioner from University of Miami, a BSN from Marymount University, and an AB in humanities from Harvard University. At University of Miami, she joined the Beta Tau chapter of the Sigma Theta Tau international nursing honor’s society. She has worked as an ARNP in family practice and retail health, and worked for four years as a bedside RN for oncology patients in teaching and research hospitals.

Laura was a guest speaker Marymount University in Olivia's Community Health course, and Olivia first used Photovoice to understand lived experience with rehabilitation care while studying for her BSN. Olivia is interested in the use of Photovoice to study and improve patient care and the workplace environment. in 2008. Olivia contributes to articles on the Photovoice method and its use in a wide range of health, healthcare, and other arenas. She advises PhotovoiceWorldwide LLC faculty on the use of Photovoice in the clinical setting.

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  Domenic Screnci, PhD, MA - Biography

Dr. Domenic Screnci is currently involved in workforce development for Information Services and Technology at Boston University. He is the former Senior Advisor for Digital Learning and Innovation and Executive Director for Educational Technology, Training and Outreach in Information Services and Technology at Boston University.  He served the university as an educational technologist, instructional systems designer and integrator, instructional designer and a producer of curriculum materials for traditional and new media based educational projects.

Domenic has a master's degree in educational media and technology and a doctorate in Curriculum and Teaching from Boston University. Domenic has 30+ years of experience in the field of educational technology and biocommunications.

Domenic is also the co-founder and advisor for Boston University’s online Master of Science Health Communications Program and Certificate in Visual and Digital Health Communication. He has taught an instructional design course at Boston University’s School of Public Health call “Teaching Public Health” that is now made available in a book, Course Design for Public Health: A Competency-Based Approach. He is adjunct faculty at Boston University’s College of Communication teaching a Professional Presentation course, as well as at the University of Massachusetts/Boston in their master’s level Instructional Design Program offering a Visual Literacy and Information Design course. He is a member of the Association of Talent Development, Association for Educational Communication and Technology, International Society for Technology in Education, and the International Visual Literacy Association as well as some other academic and professional organizations.

Dr. Screnci is the former committee member and Chair of AVIXA’s (formerly InfoComm) Professional Education and Training Committee and currently on the Board of AVIXA’s Education Foundation.

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  Russ 'Doc' Dingley - Biography

Russ ‘Doc’ Dingley is co-founder, along with Laura, of PhotovoiceWorldwide LLC. His driving motivation for this work is to inspire innovative thinking, simplified access, and a voice, in this case for including the voices of patients, professionals, and underserved groups in health and healthcare. In a technology career that has spanned over 40 years, Russ worked in system design, manufacturing, and quality control, network design and infrastructure, setup, security, and maintenance.

In the healthcare field, he developed systems, infrastructure, as well as vender and interdepartmental collaborative relationships using existing and pioneering technologies for clinical laboratories, clinics, and hospitals. He was a Principal Technologies Advisor for US Government agencies and healthcare companies, and a Design Engineer and Principal Test Engineer for Honeywell, Bull Worldwide Information Systems, and Incoterm Corp. He was also a co-business developer, technologist, and engineer for Bull Electronics Contract Mfg, and Board Advisor for Vanquish Labs Anti-Spam Software.

As PhotovoiceWorldwide’s Technologist he is responsible for creating and maintaining the website, forum, and managing other technology/social media related capabilities. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions related to our website and other technologies here, please email Russ at

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  Sanem Cerit, Intern - Biography

Sanem Cerit is a second year Psychology student at Leiden University, Netherlands. She is a member of the Honours College of her university and recently completed a research internship on the topic of emotions in children with autism. She regularly volunteers with nonprofit organizations, and takes part in community involvement projects and internships related to health, psychology and sociology. Sanem’s areas of qualifications include: MS Office skills, detail orientation, time management skills, verbal and written communication skills, interest in Photovoice, and volunteering.

Sanem met Laura and was introduced to Photovoice during the 2015 Global Youth Summit on the Future of Medicine at Brandeis University. She will be collaborating with Laura to gain more knowledge about Photovoice and conduct a literature review on the use of Photovoice and other participatory visual methods in health and disability research as a part of her internship with PhotovoiceWorldwide during the summer of 2019.

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Meet Our Team Mascot
~ Ms Lady-Von-Petneeder ~
'Cause she's always needing pets'

A chat with Dad about hot sand on paws

Yes I look posh in my Raybans
as I'm going to club Woof !
Time to Leave the Beach

Miss Lady-Von-Petneeder - Biography:  Lady holds a Canine Masters (C.MA) degree in Human Behavior and Manipulation and in Cuteness, she graduated from 'B.A.R.K.S-and Howl' formally Bark-at-U in 2009, and talked about going for her PhD (Post Human Dissertation).  She's smart, yes very smart, and vocal. We told her she needs to start earning her keep around here, so she has. She attentively sits by Laura’s side in a plush red chair, lets us know when parcels have arrived at the front door, it’s time for lunch, let’s Laura know what’s gone on if she's left the office for any time, catches her up on the news, and has been trying to alert us when Laura’s business phone line is ringing (she can't pick up the phone and press the Talk or Speaker buttons – no opposable thumbs to hold the phone you know, plus no one seems to speak 'Bark', it's great for getting rid of telemarketers) so you can tell she's been trying.  Her hobbies include Fetch with toys from Kong Wubba she likes to call Octo-Teddy, Octo-Bunny etc  (part teddy bear but with tentacles), she likes a mental stimulation game game called 'Find aka Where is it?' where dad or mom verbally instruct me whether I'm getting closer or further away from my toy with only audible hints like "Your getting hotter-warmer-or colder' if I don't see it first, she's quite good at that game.  She plays 'run and circle' with a ball or other toy, on her own mostly when her human mom and dad, aunts and uncles aren't looking (like the dog from the movie 'The Mask' with Jim Carrey) she starts spazzing out running in circles back and forth flopping around on the ground until a human looks at her then she immediately stops of course. She also likes running fast like the super hero the flash, where she runs so fast her legs become a blur.  She loves hiking - sniffing and walks (she's been up and down many parts of the east coast of the United States, as well as Hawaii). She also enjoys singing or resting while mom and dad sing and play the ukuleles. Her tail, it's the most fantastical thing about her with music.  It doesn't just wag from side to side you see, she hears a songs rhythm, it quite literally keeps time and or surpasses the beats of most percussionists/drummers in a song, it's something to see. That's our Lady ! Have Questions or comments for our Ms Lady (Von-Petneeder)?  Email her at she'll answer you back, of course she's smart..  and talented as well.

Swim Time - Safety first

Lady gives the PhotovoiceWorldwide Team
A Two Paw and Tail Wag Approval !


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