Volume 1, Issue 1: The 4E Model of Empowerment through Photovoice

By Carson Peters

Executive Summary

During her Summer 2020 internship at Photovoice Worldwide, Carson Peters conducted a literature review on recent innovations in use of the photovoice method with people with disabilities, in particular cognitive and communication disabilities. Carson’s literature review findings and her training in mathematics and epidemiology inspired her to develop an interdisciplinary model she calls the 4Es of empowerment through photovoice. By re-envisioning photovoice frameworks and theories found in the literature (Moffat & Kohler, 2008; Liebenberg, 2018; Bates, Ardrey, Mphwatiwa, Bertel Squire & Niessen, 2018; Roy, Donaldson, Baker & Kerr, 2014; Lorenz & Kolb, 2020; and Golden & Earp, 2012), Carson provides a lens for students to view the photovoice method and its use, and photovoice project findings and outcomes. Carson’s literature review documents innovations in use of the method to support meaningful photovoice participation by people with cognitive and communication disabilities, an underserved yet important public health population. The 4E model is one way to conceptualize the empowerment process of photovoice. The model is intended to foster connections between quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and their student practitioners, and inspire others to envision and conduct participatory visual research that is person-centered and inclusive.

Download Vol 1, Issue 1 here.